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Full service design & build agency of Branded Environments, Broadcast Studios/Desks, Custom Signage & Trade Show Exhibits


  • Branded Environments

    Impressions are important, and a well-branded environment can wow your customers and employees more than any digital ad campaign. We give your brand story a permanent and tangible place in your workplace, office, or retail space.

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  • Broadcast Work

    We bring bold visuals and scenic elements to broadcast sets and studios of any scale. Whatever you plan on broadcasting, we’re here to make sure it looks great with Emmy-award winning designs and seamless fabrication.

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  • Custom Signage

    It’s fair to say that after 33 years, we’re experts in New England signage, permitting, and everything in between. Whether it’s wayfinding packages, road signs, or any type of office signage, we have you covered. Our flair for eye-catching designs combines with a comprehensive knowledge of materials and applications to deliver impressive signage.

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  • Versa Classic

    The VERSA Classic Broadcast Desk is a highly-customizable, lightweight, and portable remote broadcast desk that easily comes together on site without any tools. Each desk can go from one to five person configuration, and comes with their own travel cases. The desk features an easy-to-swap fabric graphic, with options for dimensional signs and sponsor panels.

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    Versa Classic
  • Versa Edge

    The VERSA EDGE Broadcast Desk combines the Versa desk’s modularity and ease of setup with bold lighting elements to help your graphics pop in any environment. The desk features easily swapped backlit graphic end panels, sponsor bands, and face graphics.The desk is fully customizable, down to the powder coated frame. It packs down into wheeled cases for easy transport. It’s just the edge that your broadcast needs!

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    Versa Edge
  • Versa Pro

    The VERSA PRO Broadcast Desk packs a big presence in a small travel case. The newest addition to our VERSA line combines the signature modular desk with lighted elements and easy to change magnetic sponsor panels. The VERSA PRO can be configured to fit anywhere from 2 – 5 broadcasters.

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    Versa Pro
  • Versa Cast

    The VERSA Cast is your one-stop shop to making sure your podcast looks and sounds its best. We offer a variety of packages to fit any set of needs and budget to make sure that the set up is perfect for you. A VERSA Cast package can include any combination of tables, desks, modular graphic walls, and broadcasting equipment.

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    Versa Cast
  • Versa Lectern

    The VERSA Lectern is a easy way to power up your press conferences and speaking events. Our modular lectern can be configured to fit your visual and audio-visual needs, complete with custom power ports and optional monitors or tablets built in to the top. Ask your PM about adding in a custom VERSA Mic flag to complete the look and WOW at your next presser!

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    Versa Lectern
  • Versa Bistro

    The Versa Bistro offers the presence of a Versa desk in a much smaller space. Meant for one or two broadcasters, this bistro can elevate your remote broadcast even in the smallest of spaces. It features custom full-color graphics on the face of the table and an easy-to-swap sponsor band that can be changed out in between camera shots and commercial breaks.

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    Versa Bistro
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