World Leaders in Artificial Turf


When it comes to artificial turf sports fields, FieldTurf is the most trusted brand in the industry. Whether it’s football, soccer, baseball or any other sport, FieldTurf fields provide athletes with the safety and performance they need to perform at their best, while giving field owners the durability they want to maximize the value of their investment. FieldTurf is a world leader in artificial turf with over 20,000 installations worldwide.


  • Artificial Turf

    FieldTurf offers a collection of leading artificial turf systems From high performance to multi-sport, we have the right solution for you. FieldTurf also offers sports specfiic solutions for baseball, softball, field hockey, rugby and more. 

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    Artificial Turf
  • Genius

    Genius is the world's first smart sports field! This game-changing technology is designed to help maximize the longevity, playability and safety of your surface. Genius allows you to track field usage, maintenance and plan more efficiently. Two sensors are mounted to the facility lights or stadium press box and automatically process and convert the recordings into anonymous data for analysis. Through advanced computer vision and deep learning algorithms, live field participation is translated into tangible data. 

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  • Maintenance

    FieldTurf FieldCare offers leading field maintenance and sanitization services. We offer several options to fit your facility’s need. Trust our certified crews to take care of your field the right way!

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