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  • PURELL® Professional Surface Disinfectant

    One-step disinfectant and cleaner safe to use on hard and soft surfaces

    Kills Coronavirus, MRSA, and many other organisms in 30 seconds
    Kills 99.9% of germs on surfaces, including the cold & flu virus
    No rinse required on food contact surfaces
    Awarded the U.S. EPA Design for the Environment certification (DfE)

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    PURELL® Professional Surface Disinfecta...
  • PURELL® Professional Surface Disinfecting Wipes

    One-step surface disinfecting wipes that require no rinse, no PPE, and no handwashing after use

    Kills human coronavirus (COVID-19) in 30 seconds
    Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria including cold & flu, E. coli and Strep
    No rinse required on food-contact surfaces
    No harsh chemicals or odors. No handwashing required after use.
    Multi-Surface Compatibility

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    PURELL® Professional Surface Disinfecti...