Zone Mouthguard

No Boil No Pain

Dr. David Frey is one oÿ the foremost cosmetic and restorative dentists in the world, providing services both in Beverly Hills, California and London, England. A driving force in the field of neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Frey continues to embrace burgeoning technology and new processes over the past 30 years, enhancing the dental health oÿ his patients. Dr Frey’s reputation has earned him not only the trust of celebrities, looking to enhance their physical appearance, but professional
athletes looking to protect their health and enhance their performance. It was a combination oÿ his work with said athletes and personal experience with his own son that led him on his study of athletic mouth guards available in the marketplace. After an intense drill down and comparative product study, Dr. Frey and his team saw not only an opportunity but a need. He wanted to make a difference through creating  a product that solved long standing problems and in doing so, basically reinvented the category. Dr. Frey fleshed out his concept, considered numerous features, studied a wide-range of materials and even played with potential designs. Throughout the process he came to a understanding of two things: One being the more he learned, the more he was inspired to continue the process and secondly, he needed assistance creating his vision. He was an extraordinary dentist but an amateur product designer. Frey hired design firm MNML run by Scott Wilson a former Nike executive product designer.  Together they brought The Zone Mouthguard to life!!